Custom Cursors for Windows

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 mouse cursors
Since we can change themes, icons, then why not cursors? After all when we are not using applications in full screen mode they are always on our sight.

And here is how to change default cursors with your custom ones:
First we have to find ourselves some cursors. I have included few links below where you can find quality cursors.

After you get your cursors from these sites copy them to


Cursors with *ani extension are animated whereas others ending with *.cur are static.

After you copied your cursors to cursors folder, go to

Start –> Control Panel –> Mouse –> "Pointers" tab –> Highlight the cursor you want to change –> Browse and find your custom cursor –> Apply

Custom cursor resources:

Some of my favorite ones:

Blue_Glass_Cursors_by_tornado5 Sektor_cursor_32bits_by_Xav73 shadow_cursor_by_Necro949445

How to add custom cursors to your blog

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